Self employed Joiner

There are several benefits of becoming a fulltime skilled carpenter. The first thing is that, you become your own boss. You can work at your own pace and finish the job at your own time. You do not need to adjust to the schedule of other people; rather they will adjust to yours. If you have decided to become a full time self-employed carpenter, then it would be best that you undergo apprenticeship training with a highly skilled carpenter who has been in the industry for a long period of time to be able to successfully impart his knowledge and application of carpentry skills. If a professional carpenter is not around or no one is available to give you an apprenticeship, then search for trade schools that offer carpentry training and participate in the learning process until you finish the period allotted to the course. After the training course, you can get your accreditation and NVQ Level 2 Certification.

You can jumpstart your carpentry career by training under a seasoned carpenter or any trade school program. Most instructors are seasoned carpenters who have dedicated their lives working on construction for the benefit of others. At the end of the training, you are expected to be fully aware of industry standards and be well versed with the technical knowledge related to the job as well as the practical application of the learned skills. Each carpentry course is given special concentration. At the end of the general knowledge course, you can then choose on what aspect of carpentry you would like to master. Basic cutting, mounting, hanging, fixing and fitting, form part of the initial carpentry course. You will also be taught about basic machine operations as well as the occupational hazards that you should keep yourself aware of. A certificate of completion will be awarded to you evidencing that you have gone through the basic process of carpentry and that you are qualified to be a carpenter.

This certificate of completion will be your ticket to employment to various construction jobs, whether for an independent venture or for a construction firm. Just like other professions, carpentry also has mastery programs that can be taken to improve the present skills of the carpenter and to make him eligible to get his NVQ Level 2 certification. This certification is like a first class ticket that will offer you preferential employment to prospective employers compared to a carpenter without NVQ Level 2 award. Take note however, that NVQ award can only be taken after a number of years of being an experienced professional carpenter. This certification is awarded only to deserving professionals who will pass the test conducted through examinations employing questions that will gauge your knowledge and mastery of the craft, as well as your awareness of the occupational hazards that comes with the job and how to effectively avoid them during your employment. The person assessing your skills will then keep a record of all your completed projects and will recommend your certification when you have met all the requirements of Level 2 accreditation. During the course of the assessment, you must keep record of your projects, organize them accordingly, and use them to form part of your portfolio for your next batch of clients.