Becoming a full time skilled carpenter is a profession that needs careful consideration and adequate training preparation. There are training courses that can educate and teach you all the basic concepts and applications such skill. Moreover, if you are skilled enough, you may find employment sooner than expected. A qualified carpenter can earn up to £28,000 a year. There are only few people, who can become skilled enough to perform carpentry jobs and if you are qualified to be one, then you are lucky to be in such position. The City and Guilds carpentry courses can be availed of for a fee of £3,000-4,000 depending on the package and the qualifications of the instructor. It is completed under a 6-week orientation on carpentry theories and practical applications.

The course is quite expensive and time consuming. A full time course would require you to attend the classes from Mondays to Fridays under extensive instruction and intensive hands-on training. Everything you need to learn about carpentry is necessarily integrated in the course curriculum and everything that you will need to learn in a practicum setting will be conducted during the 6-week extensive course training. You have to attend all the days of the training workshop. As much as possible, you are not to miss any day of the program since most of these programs are conducted at an 8-hour continuous instruction. Every aspect of cutting, fitting, fixing, mounting, compacting and similar skills is demonstrated in ever lesson. Missing one part of the course will require you to start the program all over again.

The City and Guilds Carpentry & Joinery carpentry certificate shall then be awarded to you upon successful completion of the course. Before applying all the things that you have learned during the 6-week carpentry-training course, your skills will be put to a test by an examiner from the City and Guilds office. Once you have successfully passed all the application exams, your NVQ Wood Occupations Carpentry diploma shall then be awarded to you. This serves as evidence to your acquisition of carpentry skills which you acquired through the training course. At this stage, you are then considered a qualified carpenter and you may start pursuing construction jobs either through construction firms or as an independent career.

Carpentry is a career for the skilled tradesman. It is a perfect profession for the crafted individual who finds satisfaction in putting things together. Carpentry is a functional career that is advantageous as a profession and as a skill for the individual learner. A career in the industry would initially compensate you between £14,000 – 18,000 a year and as you progress or accomplish certification as an expert in the field, you may end up earning £28,000 or more annually. The number of hours that you will be working will likely depend on your ability to complete a given project. The faster you work with fewer errors or complaints, the lesser the time that you will be spending on your projects. Carpentry jobs are physically taxing. Hence before accepting a job order, make sure to make an honest assessment of how long you can finish the same without compromising the quality of the output. That way, you get to maintain your customers and achieve satisfaction.